He Dreamt Mars

Canvas detail

For Sale

HDM Planet Munny

HDM Planet Munny

The Beijing KokkTale

The Beijing KokkTale – Issuez

Open Sauce Front

Open Sauce Vol.1

Homegrown Urban Arts

Homegrown Urban Art @ NWBaseline 23/24th November

HDM Angel Shirts

HDM Shirts


SAGE – Windows Of Soul

Steroid Stereo

Duke01 – Steroid Stereo Release Party

Melodious x Megartron -  Devils Kazoo

Music Artwork

Hush now..he hasnt hatched yet.

Street Decor

hdm front cover



Holiday On Mars

Care Mode

HDM Slips & Stickers

She Dreamt Of Mars

She Dreamt Of Mars – Catch 22 & He Dreamt Mars Collaboration

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Ink On Glass @ NWBaseline

Tokyo On Mars EP Cover

Tokyo On Mars EP